Design, art and media follow, mirror, advance and shape the trajectory of cultural developments. They create constellations that inform the world we live in and reflect transformations in our lifeworld. In the course of the process, existing structures, views and methods are scrutinized, new alignments are modelled and put up for discussion. Out of these activities, which, from an economic point of view, we may ascribe to the cultural industry, arise the foundations for the examination and development of future lifeworlds. In this sense art, design and media contribute to the weaving of a new social fabric and to a better understanding between diverse social groups.

The aim of design, art and media research and practice at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel (HGK FHNW) is to enhance and understand the significance of the cultural and economic transformation processes they engender as defining and relevant to social change. In this context, we have participated widely in the discourse on the necessity of consolidating artistic research. In order to create appropriate institutional conditions we established the internationally orientated European Centre of Art, Design and Media-Based Research ECAM including a Graduate School in summer 2016 to expand our educational responsibility and to have access to third cycle education with a research-oriented PhD track.