Cluster I Arts, Design and Media Based Research

Cluster I is centered around the reflection and development of practice-based research in the fields of art, design and media. Although the concept of practice-based research has gained recognition in recent years, the establishing of common understandings in methods and criteria for research contributions in this field is still in an early stage. Research in this cluster asks after advanced transdisciplinary methods, heterogeneous modes of knowledge production, expanded formats for scholarly practices, and new trajectories of critical inquiry in the field of practice-based art, design and media research. PhD-projects associated with this cluster deal with the richness, complexity, but also with the limits, of knowledge production or ways of knowing. They tackle their objects of investigation from various perspectives (e.g. aesthetic, epistemological and technological) and reflect and enact how art, media and design shape the way how we know, what we know. A primary interest of this cluster is to elaborate how sustainable research processes with scholarly integrity in art, design and media-based research can be systematically conceived, performed, adapted and evaluated.