Cluster II Poetry of the Real

This cluster specifies the importance of aesthetic practice within the development of the ‘new’ in shaping future environments. Its focus lies on the particular dynamics of processes that are elusive as well as on methods and forms of narration in the technical as well as the creative-aesthetic domain. Poetry of the Real negotiates the diverse qualities of describable and non-describable forms of knowledge, which lie beyond addressability through abstract symbolic systems of representation. In this context, ‘poetry’ is understood in its double meaning of poíêsis, signifying equally ‘poetry’ and ‘fabrication’, and resulting in a formerly unknown artefact. These processes react sensitively to the changes of our current existence in the world, bearing witness to their complexity and interdependences with society, culture and politics. The primary interest lies in processes inferred from the perception of the actual world that require transformation through a poetic process in order to be understood and turned into structured and mediated knowledge.