Cluster III Impact of Cultures

Cluster III focuses on the diverse forms in which art, design and media communication may unfold impact on society. Research in this field is empiric and analyses current conditions; it is critical-reflective as well as historical-systemic and seeks to elaborate on the effects of art and design within a specific context. Research in this cluster can be conducted from an economic, anthropological or sociological perspective, but also from the point of view of urban planning or communication. This approach is strongly linked with the urban environment, media practices and the question of form-shaping in the given transcultural and geopolitical specificities. This cluster’s focus not only includes the integration of different perspectives from the fields of economy, sociology and philosophy into art, design and media, but also takes jnto account the significance of such issues as what it means to be an artist or a designer in present-day society. As one of the basic themes in research on production and contextualization, Cluster III also implements the topic ‘Art, Science and Feminism.’