June 13 - June 13 2018

Symposium Poetry of the Real: Imagination Friction Transformation

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Following the FHNW Academy of Art and Design conferences Economies of Aesthetics
( 2015 ), Poetry of the Real – Conversations on Arts Research, in connection with the opening
of the ECAM Research Center ( 2016 ), Poetry of the Real – Archives Values Futures, and
the opening of the ECAM Graduate School ( 2017 ), this year’s transdisciplinary symposium
Poetry of the Real: Imagination – Friction – Transformation explores the multifaceted transfer
between extended arts practices and contemporary discourses. For this it inquires into
the conditions of arts and design-based systems of knowledge.

The sections are grouped around the perspectives of “Imagination – Friction – Transformation”
and their interferences. This is based on an extended understanding of the generative processes
involving the ability and motivation of the arts to develop or demonstrate changes along
with the original and the new in genuine moments. Friction engenders dialogue and critical
engagement with the ability to propound changes and herald new perspectives. This forms the
discourse of Poetry of the Real, between the real and the arts.

The former years brought together many international artists, researchers and intellectuals:
The 2015 conference Economies of Aesthetics – From Possible to Desireable was attended by
Hassan Bakshi ( Nesta, London ), Kieran Corcoran ( Dublin Institute of Technology ), Carolyn
Christov-Bakargiev ( Northwestern University, Chicago ), Catherine David ( Centre Pompidou,
Paris ), Desmond Hui ( Communication University of China, Hong Kong ), Tina Saby Madsen
( City of Copenhagen ), Pierluigi Sacco ( IULM, Milan )

The 2016 conference Poetry of the Real – Conversations on Arts Research was attended by
Corina Caduff ( Zurich University of the Arts ), Francesco Erspamer ( Harvard University,
Cambridge ), Snežana Golubović ( Frankfurt a. M. ), Susanna Hertrich ( FHNW Academy of Art
and Design, Basel ),Mikhail Karikis ( Royal College of Art, London ), Bernd M. Scherer ( Haus
der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin ), Maxa Zoller ( American University Cairo )
The 2017 conference Poetry of the Real: Archives – Values – Futures was attended by
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun ( Brown University, Providence ), Carla Delfos ( ELIA, Amsterdam ),
Tacco Dibbits ( Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam ), VALIE EXPORT ( Linz ), Reinhard Kannonier
( Kunstuniversität, Linz ), Pierluigi Sacco ( IULM, Milan ) and Jeffrey Schnapp ( Harvard
University, Cambridge )
The topics discussed related to the different strategies in contemporary archives, artistic
research, and aesthetic practices. One of the aims of this year’s symposium is to continue
these conversations and exchanges.

Symposium Objectives:


How is imagination triggered? What are the underlying
processes that generate imagination as the basis of artistic
and creative processes? From the sources of perception
and knowledge — how is the imagined synthesized?


Friction forms the basis for a dialogue on changing and
emerging perspectives and the genesis of the new.
Can friction, in its diversity of perspectives and opinions,
be perceived as positive and does it have the capacity
to generate openness with regard to the current relevant
discourses in society and the world of digital media,
design, and art?


Viewing transformation includes: disclosing disruptive
developments; highlighting examples of art and extended
practices; imparting access to methods of transformation;
illustrating practices in art and theory that trigger the transformation
of thought and perception; synthesizing modes
of complex understanding.

Tuesday 12th June

Celebrating the Campus of the Arts
6 pm – 1 am Emerging Real — Electronic Music Night (Outdoor stage / studio building, ground floor, A 0.11)
6 pm – 9 pm Student exhibition ‘Constructed Realities’ Supervised by Ludwig Zeller

Opening Reception (A -1.09)
6.30 pm – 10 pm Neu | Now exhibition in collaboration with ELIA

Opening reception (D 0.05)
7 pm – 10 pm Teresa Solar: Flotation Line

Opening Reception (der TANK)

Wednesday 13th June
Symposium Poetry of the Real:
Imagination – Friction – Transformation
Room: Auditorium ( D 1.04 )
Carla Delfos will guide through the day:

9.30 am – 10 am Opening and Introduction to Symposium Objectives Prof. Kirsten Langkilde

10 am – 12 am Imagination
Introduction: Prof. Michael Renner,
Speakers: Asta Wellejus
Prof. Dr. Frederick Tygstrup
Prof. Michael Rock
Discussion: Prof. Marion Fink

12 am – 1 pm Lunch

1 pm – 3 pm Friction
Introduction: Prof. Chus Martínez
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Pascal Gielen
Prof. Doris Sommer PhD
Discussion: Prof. Dr. Nicolaj van der Meulen

3 pm – 3.15 pm Coffee Break

3.15 pm – 5.15 pm Transformation
Introduction: Prof. Dr. Melanie Franke
Speakers: Prof. Francesco Erspamer PhD
Dr. Maxa Zoller
Dr. Shermin Voshmgir

5.15 pm – 5.45 pm Discussion and Summary with
Prof. Kirsten Langkilde
followed by apéro