Felipe Castelblanco

Felipe Castelblanco

Cartographies of The Unseen: Tracing Planetary Entanglement and Exploring New Frontiers of Public Spaces.

This research project examines issues concerning planetary entanglement and how these developments have transformed notions of publicness, the scope of public spaces and belonging. Through practice-based research, this project explores the potential of spacethinking as an instrument for aesthetic inquiry into new frontiers of public space, relating to a vertical axis where depth, altitude, clouds and invisibility become inhabitable. Using the expedition as means to investigate this vertical dimension of eco-social interactions, methods like mapping, navigation and becoming will guide the inquiry-journey. This, in order to realize aesthetic propositions through research, video, participatory art and artist’s books, which address planetary entanglement across different layers, from the underground to exosphere. Facing the planetary through space-thinking as a form of knowing-in-place will manifest in artistic tactics for enacting knowledge, para-pedagogies and the recognition of boundless sites (the air and oceans) as vast forms of public space.

Ultimately, this project aims to set in motion current interpretations of publicness, aesthetic practices and cultural policy that until now have fueled a kind of human exceptionalism and the imposing rule of culture over nature. This attitude is still used to justify all sorts of irreversible interventions on the planet, while rendering of public spaces as mostly flat, instrumental and urbanized. Therefore, this inquiry into unseen seeks to enable new sites, aesthetic sensibilities and modes of attachment that counterbalance the logics of worldspanning systems of influence, exchange and dependency.

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